Where We Work

Children Homes

 The Children who do not have any address to stay, children who may not have parents, Parents are addicted with alcoholic, Children whose parents are disabled, any child very despised or disadvantage not loved by parents for any reasons!

 Very poor family but have several children in the family and parents unable to provide to their daily need in those situation Ambassadors have been taking care and custody as parents with affection and charity.

 Every Children Home provide all the children requirement even priority given to their hobby. House Mother for Girls & House Father for Boys are looking after as own family child.

The “Ambassadors” has the following Focus on Children Home…

  • Advocating on behalf of the Children.
  • Making the Children to believe that all Children have the right to have full intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development.
  • Free the Children from all type of poverty, exploitation and abuse.
  • Giving Children a voice, leadership training and opportunities to take action on issues, which affect them from local to national levels.
  • Under privileged children should grow to maturity and should have healthy involvement in the community.
  • Ambassador assists and enables children to improve their quality of life.
  • To improve the family conditions of marginalized Children in their Home.
  • To provide them basic requirements so that they may become true and better Citizens of our Nation…

“Educating girl child, we educate the family: but educating boy child, we educate the person so have to educate both boy and girl equally to fulfill the purpose” - Dr Dutt

Activities of Children:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Hygiene
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Skill
  • Uniforms & Dress
  • Entertainment
  • Excursilon
  • Cultural Program


 We mobilize people and their communities to participate to fight against the dangerous Diseases such as HIV/AIDS / T.B./Leprosy/other infectious diseases.For the Social awareness in Child marriages, Child laborers, Superstations, Fundamental Right, Elementary Education etc

  • Quality of water and systems of Sanitation that ultimately will lead to a reduction in mortality, morbidity and malnutrition.
  • Education and knowledge will give proper use of sanitation systems which will bring impact and sustainable long – term effect.
  • Toilets/latrines with proper sanitation systems leads more hygienic
  • Deep pumps / Wells for Drinking water improve of quality water so that common diseases will be reduced.


  • Free Couching to poor & Tribal students
  • Providing Educational items to the needy students
  • Provided Scholarship to the needy students for Higher studies
  • Ambassadors giving free Musical & Dance Training to the youth
  • Helping the people to solve the problems by counseling
  • Guiding the youth to become a creative
  • Guiding, helping and encouraging the youth/ teenage to build up their career

Health & Medical Camps

 Those communities and people who do not have proper resources for infectious diseases; they are strengthened by Ambassadors by providing them treatment, care and support.

  • Providing basic Medicine and treatment
  • Diabetes Test
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Determination of Blood Group
  • Diagnosis of Leprosy
  • Diagnosis of TB
  • BP Checkup
  • Providing Vaccination guide
  • Medical related counseling
  • General Health Checkup
  • Medical Awareness and Counseling so that villagers may not go to witch doctors

Community Development

 Ambassadors Identify people & group in need of help. Research, refer, and advocate for community resources, such as food stamps, sanitation, Drinking water, childcare, and healthcare to assist and improve a well-being. Respond to crisis situations such as child abuse and Child trafficking etc.

 we actively engage communities in making sense of the issues which affect their lives, setting goals for improvement and responding to problems and needs through empowerment and active participation.

Minority Development

 We have literature for Minority people to help & empower them.

 The name of the books are the welfare of Minorities, Nutrition, Common Childhood Illnesses & Immunization, Family Planning, System Waste Water Sanitation and Solid Waste Disposal, Public Distribution, Health & Hygiene, Home Management, Issues Related to Women, Leadership, Life skills, Government Mechanism etc

Day Care Center (Creches)

 The full form of CRECHE is Children Rural for Early Care of Health and Education. It is a high voltage humanitarian social welfare project specially healing up the deprived children.Three such CRECHES centre have been running steadily at three different locations.

Units of the Creches

  The first unit is at Patharhuri Village, the second unit is at Tilaboni village and the third unit is at Birkard Village. Each center Two CRECHE MOTHERS are dedicating their motherly care and giving services in each CRECHE CENTRE.

Capacity / Strength

 Total 75 underprivileged rural children under age group 6(six) years are the beneficiaries in the three such CRECHE UNIT. Maximum children are malnourished, malnutrition, uncared and unprotected from ST, OBC, LODHA- SABAR and MINORITY communities’.


 Different childlike attractive activities with song, dance, music, playing, rhymes recitation, drawing, playing with magic kits, sporting kits, acknowledgement of pictures with different animals, birds, trees, fruits, flowers and natural things, Bengali and English Alphabet identification for those little babies physical, mental, spiritual and socio- emotional nourishment.


  Well balanced nutritious in 3 time in a day, strictly maintaining the daily diet chart despondently

Medical Check Up

  Quarterly medical checkup camp for CRECHE children. It is generally organized by an MBBS/DHMS/BHMS Medical Officer or Physician.

Mother’/Parent’ Meeting

 Mothers’ meeting been conducted regularly in each CRECHE CENTRE. Different essential objects are discussed in such meetings like health, hygienic, food, cleanliness, proper method of care and guide, regular attendance, prevention of infectious diseases cholera, Jaundice, typhoid, Malaria avoiding with drunkenness and superstitions.



  Successful little learners from the three such CRECHE CENTREs got admission into 1st Standard in different Primary schools.

Transforming Life & Living (Desire & Movement)

  Many communities and people are addicted with local liquor, alcohol, other drugs which lead the family financial crises, even many women also addicted.

  Which need transformation what Ambassadors do humoring whenever possible so that people may get changes from inner… We look inner changes which we can found through their action and behavior with Family, Neighbors and others…