Our organisation's small Contribution and care to the poor.

Vocational Training & Providing Skill
Empowering is the way of sustainable living
Public Awareness
Sound Practices pushing to civilization
Health & Medication
Good health gives sound mind
Day care centers (Creches)
Children are precious & Future of every Nations
Children Homes
Every Life is very Importantā€¦
Minority Development
Minorities are also human who need loveā€¦
Relief & Disaster supports
Person with Physical Challenges

* Enfeebled parents and people are dying without proper care and love!
* Help to Build OLD Aged Homes!

* Children must be allowed to live in a world that protects them, listens to theirs needs and respects their right and dignity!

Early Child (Girls) marriages have been getting increasing because after 14yrs of age child do not have such resources for education / abuses...

" If Girl Children are Educated, then families are educated; If a Women is protected, than family is protected!! "
Dr. Dutta
Orphans and Minority Children have been Kicking from Govt. aided High School because not having blood relation parents & also not having money to pay school amount in School!

Free children from Poverty, exploitation & abuse !
* Despite this bullish economic growth, India has more malnourished & hungry children than Sub - Saharan Africa.
* Over 500,000 are forced into child prostitution?

* Close to 2 million children does not live to see their first birthday?
* Over 100 million children in India between 6 and 14 year of age are outside the school system and therefore highly likely to be child laborers?

* "Ambassadors" has its aims of bringing lasting improvement to the lives of children in need wherever they live, whatever their circumstances.
* Many people are not looking after their own elderly

* Challenges and met their needs accordingly with the purpose that They would Become Self Reliant in the communities.
* More than 18 million children live on the streets, homeless and without Hope?
* Girl child and woman are neglected. Many girl / women could not get marry because of their communities have abused them.
* Mother & Child Survival Program is to help child to be physically healthy and mother is sufficiently health to provide for child's well being.